Freefall Supreme

Starting €1200/day


Dimensions: L 25.6′ x W 12′ x H 16.6′ (L 8 x W 3,7 x H 5,1 m)

Max Capacity: 12 Person

Weight: 248 kg

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The Freefall Supreme features an awe-inspiring climbing ladder, a heart-pounding zero-entry slide, and a generous, multi-level interior play-space. The mesh safety guard provides ample shade while still allowing good visibility for lifeguards. The interior space includes a large splash zone plus a cozy loft space for playing and resting. Loft ladders create an ideal launching area. Add accessories on three sides using Interloc system. Accommodates up to 12 users.
Jungle Joe 2

Starting €1000/day


Dimensions: L 21.6′ x W 15′ x H 12′ (L 7m x W 4.6m x H 4m)

Max Capacity: 10 Person

Weight: 192 kg

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The Jungle Joe is an incredible, towering climbing structure with a slide. The pyramidal walls provide a safe, yet formidable climbing challenge for users of all ages while the interior mesh floors create splash zones and multi-level terraces for your exploration

Freefall 6

Starting €150/day


Dimensions: L 13′ x W 8′ x H 6′(L 4,1m x W 2,4m x H 1,8m)

Max Capacity: 3 Person

Weight: 51 kg

More Details

The sporty Freefall 6′ brings a new type of fun to your waterfront. This 6-foot high climbing ladder and the exhilarating zero-entry slide can accommodate up to 3 participants at a time. A thrill for any age group, the Freefall 6 is a great purchase as a stand-alone or as part of an Aquapark system. You can also connect accessories at 1 station with our easy to use Interloc system.


Starting €400/day


Dimensions: L 14′ x W 8′ x H 6′ (L 4,3m x W 2,4m x H 2m)

Max Capacity: 10 Persons

Weight: 100 kg

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The Revolution is both a rocker and a slide! In slide mode, users can climb to the peak using one of 3 different routes – even a vertical ascent! The extra width slide offers huge thrills. Simply turn the Revolution over for a high-action adventure in Rocker mode which is a great team-building exercise! The Revolution provides hours of fun and endless laughs and can accommodate up to 10 users.

Blast Bag With Wedgie

Starting €150/day


Dimensions: L 12′ x W 5.4′ x H 3′(L 3,7m x W 1,7m x H 1m)

Max Capacity: 2 Person

Weight: 16 kg

More Details

Hands down our most popular accessory is the Blast II with Wedgie! Use the powerful force of air to blast friends, relatives and guests skyward. The new, and improved Wedgie adds stability for boarding and focuses the blasting force for huge thrills, and splashes. The Blast bag attaches to all SuperTramps, Rebounds, and Jungle Series play stations via our Interloc system for outrageous fun! The Blast II with Wedgie is not for use as a stand-alone item or for more than 2 participants at one time.

Jungle Jim

Starting €250/day


Dimensions: L 9.4′ x W 9′ x H 6.75′ (L 3m x W 2,7m x H 2,1m)

Max Capacity: 6 Person

Weight: 56 kg

More Details

Our Jungle Jim item is a multi-use play station that provides unlimited fun for your waterfront. This stable pyramid features climbing, sliding, jumping, splashing and more. The climbing walls angle inward for convenience and stability while the mesh floor and climbing area creates outrageous interior splash zones. The Jungle Jim can be used as a standalone item, or can be connected to an aquapark with other accessories at up to 4 stations using our secure Interloc system. Accommodates up to 6 users.

Axis Rocker

Starting €150/day


Dimensions: L 12′ x W 7.7′ x H 5′ (L 3,7m x W 2,3m x H 1,5m)

Max Capacity: 4 Person

Weight: 22 kg

More Details

The Axis Rocker is great fun for all ages! It is an ideal platform for team-building and small group dynamics and is especially suitable for younger users. Thanks to its low profile and moderate depth requirements the Axis Rocker is a great choice for everyone. It also has an integrated boarding system and can fit up to 4 users.

Rock it

Starting €350/day


Dimensions: L 13′ x W 13′ x H 5.5′ (L 4m x W 4m x H 1,7m)

Max Capacity: 8 Persons

Weight: 52 kg

More Details

The Rockit provides endless opportunities to balance, roll it and rockit! One of our most popular products, this versatile, circular water rocker comfortably fits up to 8 people, but can be used by as few as 2. The Rockit offers a variety of stations to accommodate participants of all sizes and age groups with users working individually or as a team.