Aquaglide Monkey Dome

Best For: climbing, swinging, and traversing.
 Capacity: 6 Adults / 6 Children
 Warranty: 3-year limited against any manufacturing defects.
 Dimensions: L 20′ x W 10′ x H 10.9′ (L 6.1 m x W 3.04 m x H 3.33 m)
 Box Dimensions: L 3.93′ x W 3.28′ x H 2.79′ (L 1.2 m x W 1 m x H .85 m)
 Min Water Depth: 8.6′ (2,6m)
 Includes: Monkey Dome, Vario-Lock™ straps (10), and repair kit.
 Not Included: Boarding platform, anchor weights, mooring lines, bridles, and inflation pump.

6.995,19 (Vat. excl) 8.324,28 (Vat. incl)

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The Monkey Dome is a fun feature that challenges users to swing or climb their way across without falling. However, unlike monkey bars on land, the Monkey Dome is much more forgiving because when a user falls, they land in the water. The Monkey Dome’s sides also provide a way to transfer to other Aquapark features by providing two Neptune-style structures where users hold on and balance from beam to beam as they traverse the structure. With three options to cross, the Monkey Dome can be used as a standalone feature or connected to other Aquaglide Aquapark features using the D-Ring Interloc system.

Additional information

Weight 158 kg
Dimensions 120 × 100 × 70 cm