Aquaglide Circuit Monsoon Μ140

By offering many attributes of Micro and Ring layouts, Circuits may be the most versatile and adaptable of the park design types. Circuit designs offer significant maximum capacity for peak periods yet are easier to staff at low capacity than a comparable Ring series park.

Prices do not include installation and mooring costs as they may differ according to the bathymetric profile of each place.

Not seeing a park layout that fits your exact needs? We have you covered!
We would be happy to prepare a custom design based on your exact needs and preferences.Our team will work to incorporate your operational goals, user demographics,site dimensions & unique bathymetry, regional weather, local marine conditions, staff & permitting requirements, and more.

139.186,00 (Vat. excl) 165.631,34 (Vat. incl)

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Circuit designs blend some of the best attributes of Micro and Ring layouts. Circuits frequently use a perimeter pathway interspersed with moderate challenge features and spiked with the high excitement of strategically placed signature items.
Circuit parks are designed for camp, commercial and resort use, but are also highly adaptable and can be customized to meet any specific needs. This style is a good choice for operators with widely fluctuating capacity; perhaps running lean during the week but maxed out during peak times. Circuit designs vary greatly, but generally appeal to a wide range of user groups from young children to active teens and families.



List of Components:
1 – Freefall Supreme
1 – Summit Express
1 – Jungle Jim
1 – King of the Mountain
1 – Kaos
1 – Skyrocket
1 – Foxtrot 20
1 – Vista 10
1 – Subway 10
1 – Barricade 10
1 – Sierra 10
1 – Overpass 10
1 – Parkway 10
1 – Lugeway 10
1 – Lugeway 20
3 – Splashmat
2 – Speedway 20
1 – Walk on Water
1 – Blast Bag
1 – Loki
12 – Speedway 10
1 – i-Beam
5 – Swimstep XL
1 – Universal Pavilion
2 – Universal Monsoon
1 – Universal Thunderdome
2 – Universal Lifeguard Station
7 – Swimstep 5×5


163′ x 99′       49,7m x 30,2m

Minimum Depth 

12ft                3,66m


140 people

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