Aquaglide Micro L30

In places where the priority is big excitement for a controlled number of users, Micro layouts provide maximum ‘wow factor’ to fit most budgets.

Prices do not include installation and mooring costs as they may differ according to the bathymetric profile of each place.

Not seeing a park layout that fits your exact needs? We have you covered!
We would be happy to prepare a custom design based on your exact needs and preferences.Our team will work to incorporate your operational goals, user demographics,site dimensions & unique bathymetry, regional weather, local marine conditions, staff & permitting requirements, and more.

31.537,00 (Vat. excl) 37.529,03 (Vat. incl)

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As the name suggests, Micro designs are generally small to moderate in size and tend to emphasize maximum excitement happening at the main feature items. By minimizing pathways, these layouts are designed to provide maximum play value at a minimum cost.
This style works best for camps and moderate-volume commercial operators and can be easily fine-tuned to meet specific needs such as age-group, budget or target capacity. Micro designs are generally fit to a specific type of user (such as active, excitement-oriented teens) more than other park layouts.








List of Components:
1 – Cyclone Enclosure
1 – Cyclone Wheel
1 – King of the Mountain
1 – Blast Bag
1 – Universal Archway
1 – Freefall Extreme
1 – Jungle Jim
2 – Swimstep XL
1 – Swimstep 5×5
3 – Speedway 10


62’x67′           18,9m x 20,4m

Minimum Depth 

8ft                   2.44m


30 people

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