Rollerbone Fitbone Board

Rollerbone – Fitbone (board only).

Dimensions: Board L 90 cm x B 35 cm x H 2,5 cm.

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Rollerbone – passion for balanceFUN-FUN-FUNBALANCECOORDINATIONMOBILITYFITNESSMUSCLE BUILDINGREHAB-TRAININGDetailinformation:Drafted for the fitness sector, the RollerBone FitBone also proved itself very fast as a perfect exercise machine for board athletes. The FitBone offers you a versatile and selective fitness and strength training. Because of the wide starting position, the FitBone provides you an easy handling of your  balance. At the same time, you can practice a lot of tricks because of its flex. The length of the FitBone makes sure, that you have the highest security while you train. The comfortable EVA surface makes it also possible to train barefoot. You can combine the FitBone with a lot of other RollerBone products – the training possibilities are endless!The FitBone as balanceboardIf you combine the RollerBone FitBone with the RollerBone Roller, or the RollerBone SoftPad you get an excellent balanceboard, which wins over its flex. Also the stoppers at the tipp and the tail make sure, that you have the highest security while balancing. The comfortable EVA surface makes it possible for you to train barefoot and because of the easy handling you will soon have a feeling of success!The FitBone as balance-rocker and stepperIn combination with the RollerBone Bricks you can transform your home into a fitness center! If you use the FitBone with one Brick, you will get an excellent balance-rocker. Because of the easy handling and the big size, the FitBone is the exercise machine of choice, for your rehab training!If you use both of the delivered Bricks, you can transform the FitBone into the perfect stepper. The height of the Bricks – 11 cm – make it possible for you to train legs, hips, backside and the upper part of your body at home like a professional. As always, the training is possible indoor and outdoor and of course barefoot, if you wish!Use the advantagesAnalyses have already proven, that the training of the balance does have a good influence on muscles, sinews and hinges. Also the training improves your senses. Use the advantages of the RollerBone Bricks and start today with your training!

Dimensions: Board L 90 cm x B 35 cm x H 2,5 cm


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