Waydoo Cruiz

Waydoo Cruiz is your private dinghy that helps you better explore oceans, lakes, or rivers.

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Easy to steer, no fuel or gas needed, the Waydoo Cruiz is the perfect companion for your aqua adventure.

Bring your loved ones along for the ride.

Powered by electric propulsion, the emission-free and quiet Waydoo Cruiz is eco-friendly.

Be fuel and gas free.

Just press the accelerator and steer. Cruising on the water has never been this simple.

Riding at 12mph maximum speed and lasting up to 240 minutes per charge, the Waydoo Cruiz brings you to all your secret destinations.

Size : 87 * 41 * 25 inches
Weight inc.  167 lbs
Motor Power 6000W
Max Speed 12 mph
Max Ride Time 240 Minutes
Power Assembly
Display Mode:      LED Displays the battery and speed gear
Control Mode:      Paddle Shifters & Steering Wheel
Connect Mode:    Wired Connection
Speed Gear :       5
Battery Type :             Lithium Ion Battery
Capacity       :            40,000mAh

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 230 × 110 × 70 cm

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