Onaqua Events & Party Human Table Football

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Dimensions (LxWxH): 12m x 6m x 2,2m

Age: 7+

The beloved table football game comes to life and you become the players!
A human-sized football table where the players of the two teams are strapped on horizontal bars and try to score!
It is really fun for both defense and offense players.
It is certainly the first choice for any football event.
Played by 10 people (5 vs 5) or by 16 people (8 vs 8). Optional: synthetic turf.

Alternatively, it can be used without the horizontal bars as a simple 3×3 playing field.

Branding is possible:

Human Table Football Width(cm) Height(cm) Items
Goalpost back 175 175 2
Side balloons 1000 60 2+2

Power supply demanded: 220V


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