Mistral KANUyak 375

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The Mistral KANUyak’s offer side air chambers ensures very stable side walls, and a V-shaped very stiff hull which exceptionally good for a sliding and excellent Richtungsstabiltät. Here, the body is extremely resistant to external influences.


– Padded ergonomic seats with strong attachment points

– vent hole for easier water extraction

– Plenty of room to store backpacks and equipment for multi-day trips

– Handles

– fin for additional directional stability

– Wheelbag and hand pump

The Mistral KANUyak’s offer a unique rigid drop-stitch

construction, having a Inflatable range unprecedented performance,

stability and performance, and extremely low weight. The KANUyak’s are so extremely mobile (because light and inflatable), yet extremely rigid and high performance.


Smart dry zone floor

Velco footrest

Mistral Roller Bag

Seat Cushion

KANUyak 375

3.75mx .85m x 13.9kgs Max load 175kgs

1 person + storage

type Number: 280200100