Mistral Trekker 12’6 | 14′

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The new board-in-board concept includes not only the actual main board, nor a second air chamber beneath the standing area, which even in the worst case in any case

provides enough buoyancy to absolutely safe stay on the water surface.

This particular safety feature is also in extreme outdoor tours through rivers

over hill and dale a real plus in safety in all situations.

The Trekker boards are extremely tip-resistant, offer a lot of luggage sufficient storage space

2 XXL luggage racks, weight technically well distributed to front and rear. All 8 carrying loops

around the board ensure always very easy handling of the boards also

in difficult situations, such as in rivers up to speed.

Another special feature of this new two chambers is boards that even with

nearly no deflection in the standing area more very serious people. By the

board-in-board concept of the subject area is a total of 6 along current edges

made extremely rigid, and thus provides a very pleasant state, and a unique


The wide rear also ensures the necessary plus to rollover stability.

Due to the sporting bug form of trekkers going great even with headwind

and choppy.

Thanks to the excellent speed of Trekkers, these boards are also well suited

for long distances and tours.

TREKKER 14 ‘x 34 “x 6” x 446L