Aqua Marina BlueDrive Power Fin

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Key features

Variable speed design. Topping out at 4-5km/H

Safety fin design: TUV certified fin design. Made of marine grade nylon and fiberglass material to ensure impact resistant.

Universal fit: compatible with all the AM stand-up paddle boards and kayaks with push-in fin base system


Speed: 2.5-3.1mph (4-5km/h). Forward F1/F2/F3 and Reverse

Motor Power: 12V DC, 240W

Lithium Battery Package: LG Lithium-ion cells, 10.8V DC, 31.2Ah

Control Case: CONTROL BOX (LBP-12V6/B0302290), Size of 11.7” x

9.1” x 4.8” (296 x 231 x 123mm). Waterproof, with

ON/OFF switch and emergency stop switch

Charger: 12.6V DC, 5.0A, 230V/50Hz

Runtime: 2 hours on cruising speed, 4 hours maximum

Wirless Remote: 6 button remote control with waterproof armband holder

Accessory: Safety coil leash and safety ring, universal attachment

bungee kit, remote control with armband