Obrien Rental Sombrero 4

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Bring the fiesta to the water with the O’Brien Sombrero 4. Whether you choose to face inward or outward, kneel or sit, this tube is guaranteed to provide fun for all riders. This unique tube seats up to four riders and because of the various seating positions all you have to do is switch seats with a friend for an entirely new experience. Unlike other sombreros, this one will keep all smiling faces in plain sight.

O’Brien Sombrero 4 Rider Tube Features:

*Fun to Ride Facing Inboard or Outboard

*Durable 30/26/24-Gauge PVC Bladder

*Radio Frequency (RF) Welded Seams

*Fully Covered with Strong 840-Denier Nylon Fabric

*16-Handles with EVA Knuckle Guards, Hang-On in Comfort

*Comfortable Inflatable Floor

*Hook-Ups are Fast-and-Easy with the Quick-Connect Tow Hook

*Inflation-and-Deflation is a Breeze with 3-Lighting Valves

*Dimensions: 88″ (223.5 cm) Diameter

*Up to 4-Riders or 680 lbs. (308.5 kg) Maximum Weight Capacity

*Uses 4,100 lbs. (1,859.7 kg) Tensile Strength Tow Rope

*Rope Length Requirement: 50′ to 65′ (15.25 to 19.8 meters)

*Repair Kit

*Owner’s Manual

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 22 × 52 × 63 cm