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BbTalkin Advance intercom. Now you can connect up to 6 people at the same time. This is ideal for short distance communication sports such as wakeboarding and sailing, while you can still use it with sports where you need to cover more distance like kiteboarding.

We are excited to announce 3 new game changing features. You can now invite friends from anywhere in the world to be part of your session. Even easier to review your coaching sessions after the lessons. Enjoy the special moments that you share with your friends. Riding together, always connected.

BB Talkin Advance intercoms will work with all previous BB Talkin models. This is the world best waterproof coaching tool. Take your videos to the next level by recording what we said during that special moment.


The system is a hands free (no push to talk PTT) waterproof communication system. It works up to 12 hours standard and has several microphone with noises cancellation. You can choose between the (IPX7 waterproof) water sports headset and (IPX5 water resistant) road & winter headsets. The device itself has a waterproof IPX7 case. Our intercom is also cold resistant so you can use it in ski and snowboards sessions too. All headset and devices can be bought separate. In this case you can use you device for your motorcycle adventure as well as your surf lessons and sessions with students and friends. You only need  another ear pad to adapt to what your heart desires to do that day. Just pair the device as usual and go.


  • The BB Talkin Advance intercom is the first ever waterproof equipment with the ability to live stream.
  • Video record with audio is now easy with the BbCAM application
  • The Advance allows you to pair  up to 6 people together without a Master Unit.  All the units are now the same to connect, all Advance Units.
  • The Advance is compatible with all previous models. (Main and Master Unit from 2015-2018 )