Aquaglide Aqua Parks Care & Maintenance

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Aquaglide Aqua Parks Care & Maintenance

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Aqua Parks | 0 comments

Care & Maintenance for Commercial Products

While your product has been initially treated with UV protectant, long-term exposure to sunlight will damage the product. Regularly apply a UV protectant to the exposed surface of the tube to ensure the life of your product.
Monthly application while the product is in use is required. NOT DOING THIS WILL VOID THE WARRANTY.
WARNING: Certain products, especially petroleum-based solvents, cleaners and protectants can damage the product and use of these products will void the warranty.
WARNING: Use of a high-pressure washer will damage the product and void the warranty. To clean, use a soft bristle brush with mild soap and fresh water.
Check the inflation of your tube often. Check for proper air pressure using a manometer. It may appear to have lost air early in the morning but will expand once the sun warms it. The maximum expansion will occur in the heat of the day. Proper inflation is critical to the safe operation of your product and will prolong
damage from wear.


Before storing, place the product on a clean, level area. Clean with mild soap and water and allow to dry completely.
Remove all attachments and store in a sealed waterproof container (i.e. a plastic covered box or bin).
Remove ALL of the air from the tube using the deflation end of the high output inflator/deflator.
Fold the deflated tube in thirds then roll loosely.
Store the product out of direct sunlight and protected from the environment in a clean, dry location. It is best to store inside a container with mothballs to prevent damage from rodents. NEVER store uncovered, in a damp location, or on a concrete surface! NEVER store at temperatures below 40 degrees F.

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