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Jetpilot is one of the strongest brands in the watersport field which is able to combine design and style with functionality and quality in wakeboarding, jetskiing, surfing and motocross. The Jetpilot neoprene vests are established in the wakeboarding scene all over Europe since years. In the last couple of years Jetpilot has broaden their range of products and offers neoprene wetsuits, boardshorts, lycras and sportswear.

Wakeboard athletes and water-sportsman are able to revert to wide range of wetsuits, neoprene tops, neoprene shortys, neoprene overalls, vests and boardshorts.

A stylish fashion line with t-shirts, hoodies, caps and fashion shorts complete the range of products. Regardless of whether men, women or children, everyone will find something in the Jet Pilot range and that in a quality that is found today only rarely.

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