Aquaglide Thor

Best For: climbing and jumping as a high-excitement signature item.
 Capacity: 12 Adults / 12 Children
 Warranty: 3-year limited against any manufacturing defects.
 Dimensions: 30’ L (914 cm) x 15’ W (457 cm) x 12.7’ H (387 cm).
 Min Water Depth: 9.3’ (2.84 m)
 Includes: Storage wrap and repair kit.
 Not Included: Anchor weights, mooring lines, and inflation pump.

16.412,00 (Vat. excl) 19.530,28 (Vat. incl)

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Thor presents a towering spectacle with huge capacity and diverse features to keep users charging back for more. Two novice up-down climbing routes utilize Tritex material for traction and cooling effects. Once the ascent is made, users choose from one of three jumping platforms located at 9’ H (2.74 m), 12’ H (3.66 m) and 12.7’ H (3.87 m) respectively. Two integrated high-velocity chute slides and two angled drop slides provide (slightly) milder descent options. Once in the water, avid climbers can test their skills on one of two advanced climbing lines ascending from the water. Connects to any aquapark on one or two sides using Aquaglide’s Interlock system. Ideally positioned in the center of a track run, Thor also makes a magnificent feature or stand-alone item.

Additional information

Weight 413 kg
Dimensions 140 × 120 × 95 cm

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