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The floating platform Voyager 675 of NautiBuoy is remarkable among the inflatable platforms for yachts. Its internal structure has been designed to combine the upper surface to the lower surface at any point, thus regulating the rigidity of the inflatable, yielding pressures up to 5.5 PSI, achieving extreme rigidity coupled with a superficial softness for comfort and a unique platform without matching. All NautiBuoy floating platforms are equipped with an integrated stabilization system that adopts four ballast bags which, once filled with water, retain the inflatable corners, thus decreasing the pitch generated by the waves and the inhabitants of the platform. The NautiBuoy floating platform is designed by yacht owners for yacht owners, therefore one of the strong point is the lightweight management of the inflatable that can be inflated and deflated in less than five minutes with the supplied electric pump and stowed in a rolled-up mode in a very confined space. The uses for the NautiBuoy platforms are many, the simplest is the expansion of the space on board, the creation of an additional sun deck, where to prepare for a dive or landing with a toy, where to read a Book in peace. Attached to a longer rope, the floating platform Nautibuoy can become an island of intimacy and relaxation, where yoga and other relaxation disciplines, far from everything, lulled by the only noise of the water. Speaking of less playful uses, Nautibuoy Floating Platforms can be transformed with special kits in perfect floating shelves for the hull cleaning or by connecting multiple platforms together in dock for watercraft or tenders.


The floating platform Voyager 675 Teak is made of PVC by Mehler, a high-tech material with extreme resistance to adverse environmental conditions, ultraviolet rays, abnormal temperatures, surface abrasion and is easy to clean, totally produced in European plants, from a project born and brought to reality in England. The top surface used is a soft layer of Teak-like foam, soft under the feet, soft to the touch, water-repellent tested with wine, coffee and a variety of spirits and a very classic style, which gives the floating platform a very serious air. The platforms of the Voyager series are fitted with straps on all sides that can easily and quickly accommodate the aggregate system with other NautiBuoy platforms, reinforced handles on the four sides for easy lifting, anchoring points made up of the same material as the seat belts of automotive safety, eyelets for very wide rope made of D-shaped marine grade steel for easy moorings, area with fast grappling system for a variety of accessories, including the original ladder, safety valves for overpressure and a high flow inflating valves. The package includes inflating motor model Bravo OV10, hand pump with pressure gauge pump, two polyester peaks from 8m thickness 14mm, NautiBuoy bag for stowage, two handles with suction cups for the creation of mooring points around the hull, two Velcro laces and two inflatable Air Toggles for the easy coupling system, a repair kit, and the use and maintenance manual.


The Nautibuoy floating platform coupling mechanism is patented and includes the use of an elongated belts / Air Toggles. The Air Toggles are placed inside opposing straps with Velcro between two platforms, and then inflated, creating a stable and continuous aggregate, which allows the platforms to move independently but in a synchronized manner, also eliminating the risk of tripping in the junction space. Thanks to this quick system you can create many situations, from docks for mooring of watercraft, to systems for the mooring and departure of water toys or even piers to dine in the middle of the sea with your guests. Thanks to the available accessories, floating platforms of Nautibuoy can be transformed into many ways. The Leisure package features two comfortable seats of the well-known Comfortseats brand, with two soft raised headrests. The Maintenance package offers the ability to cover the platform, keep the water cans locked with special hooks provided, always have collassable buckets, and then get a floating platform for practical and safe maintenance thanks to the Included two suction cups. The Transom Bumpers package provides two easily lifted montable fenders that create a raised system to make sure that the raised platform is positioned positively behind the transom. The special ladder four steps engages without efforts to Nautibuoy system to facilitate the ascent on board. There is a package for every need.


  • Dimensions in use: 450 x 150 x 20 cm
  • Storage dimensions: 165 x 35 x 35 cm
  • Full weight: 36Kg
  • Maximum permissible load: 600Kg
  • Maximum number of passengers: 5
  • Inflation / deflation time: 2m 40sec
  • Material and finishing: Meheler PVC, Teak style PVC sponge cover
  • Type of coupling: on all sides
  • Equipment: Standard accessory kit
  • Fenders supplied: Two Air Toggles

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